Korean Fashion Icons: SHINee and Hyomin

SHINee New Models for Etude House 

The K-Pop group SHINee was chosen by the cosmetic brand Etude House.  The news was announced in Etude House’s Facebook page.  The campaign was also officially announced by Etude House.

The cosmetic brand chose SHINee to endorse their brand because of the popularity and influence to their fans.  They also represent the brand’s image.  SHINee is now part of the growing family of endorsers for Etude House.  Sandara Park or Dara from 2NE1 is the current endorser for the cosmetic brand both locally and internationally.

SHINee will be launching a new campaign as revealed by Etude House.  The campaign is called Bee Happy which will feature SHINee promoting Etude House’s hand cream.  The photo is a sneak peek on the campaign for Etude  House.

T-ara’s Hyomin poses for High Cut Korea

Hyomin from T-ara poses for the covers of High Cut Korea.  She shows off some of the most fashionable pair of sweaters perfect for Autumn.  The outfits if Hyomin wore outfits that are comfy and cozy perfect for the autumn season.  The color palette includes warm and neutral shades.  Hyomin wore a brown knitted top by Rick Owens. She also wore an olive green blanket around herself to keep warm.

Hyomin also wore a bright peach pink sweater.  Autumn is not all about dark colors.  It is also the perfect time to experiment with bright and loud colors. The most comfortable outfit to wear during the cold season includes sweaters, cardigans and boots.  It keeps you warm without sacrificing style.


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