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Jay Park for Vogue Girl Korea

Jay Park is definitely one of the hottest Korean pop icon.  After his departure from the K-pop group 2PM he is currently busy with his upcoming album and movie production.  Jay is also currently doing a photo shoot for Vogue Girl Korea. Jay Park showed off his toned body as he posed along side the pool.  He had his signature look which was shirtless.

He showed off his physique and his tattoos.  His tattoo behind his ear was the character “AOM” while his chest tattoo was about his family.  He wore minimalist outfit on monotones.  He wore white, greys and his own skin in some of his photos.  One thing that was unusual with the shoot was his hairstyle.  It was kinda normal and typical not the one that he usually sported.

Jessica for Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week

One of the most fashionable K-pop idol is here to prove that she’s not just for music but also for fashion.  Jessica opened the Resurrection by Lee Juyoung.  And she was garbed in an all black outfit.  Jessica is quite busy with her many commitments especially with fashion.

After School for Elle Girl

The girls of the K-pop group After School showed off their different music taste for their latest photoshoot. The girls namely: Jung Ah, Raina, Nana, E-Young and UEE are the members of the group.

Their comeback is already scheduled and they are currently busy doing photo shoots and promotions.  The are know for their sexy images but in their photo shoot they were able to serve their other flavor.  They were able to express the following genres: punk rock, swing, disco and fashion.  This is the first time E-Young did a photo shoot but she was able to deliver an excellent performance.  They showed off 80’s inspired look with retro hairstyle which revealed their character.

In an interview, the staff were able to tell that they are the best girl group in Korea.  Nana mentioned,”Sometimes we get out of line and argue, but we always get along. Although there is only a little age difference between us, the unnies will sometimes discipline the younger ones. In reality though, everyone is just too nice. This album will be more appealing to the public. There will be stage changes. After School will show off our different colors during the performances, and I expect that will be our secret weapon.”

Check out their issue this coming May 2011.



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