Asian Fashion Icons: IU and Yubin

IU To Perform for Tokyo Girls Collection

Korean singer IU will perform during the Tokyo Girls Collection show on March 3. IU together with four other stars like Nishino Kana will perform for the said event. The announcement was featured in the official website of Tokyo Girls Collection. This fashion events is on most popular events in Japan. Fashionistas can get hold of the items shown during the runway show.

Other Korean stars who were able to perform for the big fashion event includes TVXQ, T-ara, BoA, and Nana from After School. Even international stars performed for the event like Rihanna, M-Flo and more. IU’s performance for Tokyo Girls Collection will jump start the promotion of her single to be released on March 21.

The Tokyo Girls Collection fashion event will kickoff on March 3.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin Pictorial for 1st Look Magazine

Yubin from the K-pop group Wonder Girl’s is featured in a photo shoot for 1st Look Magazine’s January issue. The Korean star shows off her personality for the concept shoot with the theme of “The Beautiful Stranger”. She dresses up in chic and fabulous ensembles which shows off her fashion style.

She also reveals about her experiences in an interview with the magazine.  She shares, “I feel like in the end, the years in between our U.S. debut and our recent comeback were actually very valuable. We experienced a lot of different things, learned [about] a new culture, and developed our English. I think we gained more than we lost, and we better understood why we had to be at each event we went to. We also learned how to better express ourselves.”

She also talked about her previous role in the movie ‘The Wonder Girls’. She reveals, “I was nervous because I’ve  never acted in a full-length movie, but thankfully I was with the other members so it became a little easier,” she said. “My character was very similar to how I am in real life, very boyish and down to earth, so it wasn’t too hard.”

Yubin shares about her ambitions in life. She says, “If ever given the opportunity, I would like to become a radio DJ or a narrator for a documentary,” she explained. “I think a job where you deliver emotions with your voice is really appealing. I would also like to perform with my guitar. I just started learning last year, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Perhaps with a little more practice, I could perform on stage.”


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