Asian Fashion Icons: Ga-In, Jessica and JYJ

Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls Poses for Yes

Brown Eyed Girls Gain shows off some skin for a photo shoot with Yes. The lingerie brand’s latest collection were showcased by Ga-In in the photo shoot.

Ga-In gamely posed for the photo shoot without any qualms. She was able to model for the lingerie without looking racy. It had the right mix of playfulness and sexiness. She showed wore the lingerie underneath a buttoned shirt and paired it with sexy pumps. The spring 2012 Yes lingerie collection features animal prints in vibrant hues.

Jessica of Girls’ Generation Strikes a pose for Dazed & Confused

Dazed & Confused magazine will feature Jessica from Girls Generation in their fashion spread. She posed in the busy streets of  New York. According to the statement released by the magazine in Twitter, “We’re in New York! Here’s a small preview of the photoshoot we recently finished with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica. Jessica received the attention of New Yorkers with one glance. Her image transformation can be seen through the March edition of ‘Dazed & Confused’.”

Jessica is blessed with a busy career as she promotes the latest album of Girls’ Generation. She will also debut as an actress for her role in Wild Romance.

JYJ shows of the latest collection of NII

The all male group JYJ poses for a photo shoot for the clothing brand NII. The boys wore some of the latest pieces from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu looked cute in their street casual ensembles. They wore colored slacks, blazers, cardigans and printed shirts from NII.


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