Won Bin on his 2012 spring photo shoot!

A few still-cuts from actor Won Bin‘s 2012 Spring photo shoot set have been revealed.

The actor who is currently a model for an outdoors brand recently completed the photo shoot at a studio in Seoul. It was revealed that Won Bin opted to style his own hair for the shoot, and it reminded on-lookers of a scene from his hit movie, ‘Stranger‘.

With his strong facial expressions and dynamic poses, he accurately expressed the essence of the outdoors while also reportedly melting some hearts on set with his smooth, charismatic smile.

The actor also displayed his professionalism, communicating and working well with the photographer to ensure the photos were on point with the concept of the shoot.

In other news, Won Bin will be traveling to film a TV CF next month, and the pictorials from his photo shoot will be published in the middle of the month.


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