Won Bin on Chris.Christy!

Actor Won Bin has been taking a lengthy hiatus from the acting industry which is evident by the release date of his last film, ‘Man From Nowhere‘ which was released back in August of 2010.  Nevertheless, Won Bin still remains as one of the most wanted fashion and commercial models even today.

For his latest fashion project, the actor modeled for Chris.Christy and photos from their Spring pictorial were recently released, drawing the interest and praise from his numerous fans.

Although, Won Bin had to wear a Bob hairstyle which is quite daring for most men; the actor managed to pull it off very well due to his slim jaw-line and charismatic eyes.  His casual and light attire along with the waved hairstyle emits a spring-chic vibe.  In addition, the elegant and graceful look shows the feminine side of the actor, befitting a spring photo shoot.

Fans and netizens commented, “I’m a guy, but why do I feel attracted to him..?” and “He puts most women to shame.”


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