YVESOM – Pearl Collagen Velvet Mask Set 5pcs


Brand from South Korea: YVESOM. Size: 27ml x 5pcs Benefits: Enriched with Pearl extract and Collagen Peptide to deeply moisturize and nourish skin for plump, dewy express with fine glow. Offer instant soothing effect and mild peeling effect to create healthy, refined skin texture ready for makeup anytime. Soft and well-padded hypoallergenic microfiber mask sheet with high elasticity perfectly fits over skin to deliver the whole bottle of concentrated ampoule without irritating skin. How to use: 1. After facial cleansing, adjust the skin texture with toner. 2. Place the mask sheet to face avoiding eye and mouth areas. 3. After 15-20 mins, remove the mask sheet and gently dap the remaining essence on the face for further absorption.

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