Tapered Pants


Faux leather insets embellishing the pockets add sophistication to these slim-cut, tapered pants. Size runs small. Available in assorted colors. Color: Khaki, Materials: 95%Cotton, 5%Polyester, Size: 28: Total Length: 90cm, Waist: 71cm, Hip: 45cm, Inner Length: 24cm, Hem: 33cm, 29: Total Length: 91cm, Waist: 72cm, Hip: 46cm, Inner Length: 24cm, Hem: 33cm, 30: Total Length: 92cm, Waist: 76cm, Hip: 47cm, Inner Length: 24cm, Hem: 34cm, 31: Total Length: 93cm, Waist: 80cm, Hip: 48cm, Inner Length: 25cm, Hem: 35cm, 32: Total Length: 94cm, Waist: 84cm, Hip: 50cm, Inner Length: 25cm, Hem: 36cm, 33: Total Length: 95cm, Waist: 88cm, Hip: 52cm, Inner Length: 25cm, Hem: 38cm, 34: Total Length: 96cm, Waist: 90cm, Hip: 54cm, Inner Length: 26cm, Hem: 40cm, 36: Total Length: 97cm, Waist: 94cm, Hip: 55cm, Inner Length: 27cm, Hem: 42cm, 38: Total Length: 98cm, Waist: 98cm, Hip: 57cm, Inner Length: 28cm, Hem: 44cm, 40: Total Length: 99cm, Waist: 102cm, Hip: 59cm, Inner Length: 29cm, Hem: 46cm, Care: N/A

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