Hyelim in INStyle!

Earlier, we revealed Hyelim‘s cut from InStyle magazine’s special pictorial with JYP Entertainmentand several Korean fashion designers.

Following up, we have the rest of the shots from the collaborative spread!

Rapper San-E showcased his colorful personality with a dynamic pose and a bright blue jacket. The stoic expression of designer Lee Joo Young allowed San-E (and the outfit) to stand out more brilliantly.

miss A‘s Fei stowed away her usual elegant look for something more chic and playful. Designers Steve J & Yoni P outfitted Fei in a loose sweater dress with vibrant stripes and a chunk of chiffon at the bottom. She also wore a pink spiked collar and several loud rings for a ‘punk princess’ effect.

Fei’s groupmate Jia stunned with a sophisticated ensemble from designer Lee Sang Bong. Her tulip-inspired dress is sweet, yet elegant thanks to the intricate cuts along the bust. Her cream-colored boots and crinkled up-do allow the look to be worn both day and night.

Finally, we have Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun, who transformed into a marine goddess with Son Jung Wan‘s patterned silk dress. The multiple layers and long train in the back emulate an ocean’s waves, while Ye Eun’s sleek hairdo makes her look as if she’s just risen from the water.



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