Ha Ji Won is the “Goddess of Spring”!

Actress Ha Ji Won recently posed for fashion magazine ‘Sure‘.

The actress graced the cover of the elite magazine, pulling off a ‘Goddess of Spring‘ themed photo shoot.

Ha Ji Won shook off her usual fierce and chic image and looked more feminine and comfortable while channeling her inner goddess. She dressed in bright, simple outfits and radiated a positive and warm energy could be felt by everyone on set.

An insider from Sure remarked, “We usually go with a hairstyle that makes a stronger statement, but in order to bring out the real Ha Ji Won, we kept her hairstyle short the way it was.”

“I think female actors need to be more refreshing than being pretty“, the actress said during her interview. She also added that she enjoyed this particular photo shoot, as she was able to be a little more carefree and less made up.

Despite the lack of makeup, this look for Ha Ji Won works pretty well. What do you guys think?


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