Eun Hye with bling bling nail art’,!

On January 28th, Yoon Eun Hye joined the group of celebs who have done ‘bling bling nail art’, proudly revealing the photo above on her twitter.

Along with the photo she wrote, “For my shoot today I tried bling bling nail art~~ Keeping pretty pretty nail art for just a day is such a waste~ such a waste snap snap (some pictures)!!”.  Netizens commented how pretty her white designs were with the added stones and even a pearl.

However, anyone who has tried elaborate nail art before knows that it is very hard to maintain. It can get caught on something, fall off, and even scratch other people or themselves if they aren’t careful.

It’s the risk that all nail art lovers are willing to take, especially because it’s so pretty to look at right?


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