Yukimi Kawashima

Yukimi KawashimaJapanese born Yukimi Kawashimi is a much in demand designer. Graduating in fashion from Osaka’s Mode College, she was an intern at several of Japan’s leading fashion houses, and it is at these that Kawashima learnt her trade.

With this broad range of design experience, Yukimi Kawashima decided to start her own label in 2002, named AULA AILA. Launched to much critical acclaim, it is testament to the talent of Kawashima and her pure hard work that the AULA AILA label is now not just a label known in Japan, but a label that is a staple in designer stores and boutiques around the world.

Yukimi KawashimaKawashima’s designs are marked by what she calls an “eccentric masculinity”, clothes with a feminine style and elegance that combine with a touch of rugged masculinity. This is often interpreted by cuts that are bold with

Yukimi Kawashima
Yukimi Kawashima

block colours, along with a careful attention to detail.

Aula Aila continues to grow as a label, and this trend looks set to continue indefinitely.

Website: www.aulaaila.jp
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yukimikawashima


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