Yeonjoo-Koo and Jinwoo-Choi

Yeonjoo-kooJinwoo- Choi and Yeonjoo-Koo are South Korean designers who are based in the UK. Both Choi and Koo graduated from the prestigious fashion college at London’s Central St Martins, the training ground of many of the world’s most influential designers, including Alexander McQueen, Savannah Miller, Phoebe Philo and John Galliano.

Following their graduation, they established their own brand in 2010 called J KOO, an abbreviated name that contains both their names, and reflects the unity they display when designing their collections. For such a young brand however, they have shown a remarkable depth of talent, and their creations have been well-received by critics.

Yeonjoo-kooTheir brand DNA is a look that is based upon traditional British Saville Row tailoring technique, but they mix this up with more modern and contemporary sensibilities. J Koo has redefined how designers approach womenswear, J Koo approaching it from the viewpoint of menswear, this thorough understanding of menswear giving them a unique view that enables their designs to articulate femininity in a way that no other designers have ever really attempted to do. Classic but modern, it is a brand that has a very contemporary appeal.

Yeonjoo-kooAlthough only a very recent brand, they have showcased their work around the world, including Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, their designs being well-received everywhere they go. This suggests that it will not be too long until Jinwoo-Choi’s and Yeonjoo-Koo’s J Koo label will be a recognisable brand worldwide.




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