Yang Hee Deuk

Yang Hee DeukYang Hee Deuk is one of South Korea’s most exciting fashion designers.

Launching his brand in 1990 after his winning of the Korean Designer of the Year award, Yang Hee Deuk has showcased his designs around the world to much critical acclaim. This includes the 2003 Hong Kong Fashion Week, the 2007 Beijing Invitation Show,the 2010 Harvard University Charity Show and the 2010 New York Fashion Week. As well as his forays abroad, Deuk has exhibited on an almost yearly basis at the Seoul Fashion Week.

Yang Hee DeukAs mentioned earlier, Deuk started his career by winning the Korean Designer of the Year contest, and throughout his career he has never been far away from another award, two particular highlights being crowned the winner of the 2011 Shanghai International Fashion Fair award, and the 2011 Best Designer in Korea Brand Award. Such awards are always welcome to designers such as Deuk, because as well as the obvious promotion it gives their work, the recognition they receive from fellow designers and critics who vote for these awards is a welcome achievement and reward for the many years of hard-work that they have put into their career.

Yang Hee DeukFocussing on creating a look and style that is applicable for today’s modern career woman, Yang Hee Deuk is known for his ‘New Bohemian’ style, where he takes elements of haute couture and combines it with a street-sassy elegance, a bold femininity with womanly silhouettes, red lips and glamarous and luxurious touches. Yang Hee Deuk’s definition of New Bohemian shouldn’t be thought of as left-field and quirky, rather it is an expression of a modern woman’s wilder side, but without losing touch with the importance of form, function and functionality.

Yang Hee Deuk continues to promote his New Bohemian style across the world to expectant audiences everywhere, and a greater profile on the world fashion scene seems almost certain.

Website: www.yangheedeuk.com


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