Woo Young MiWooyoungmi is one of the most exciting menswear fashion designers to emerge in recent years. Born in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul in 1959, and following a childhood in which she showed an unusually deep interest in all forms of fashion, she went to Sung-Kyun-Kwan University in Seoul, graduating in Fashion Studies in 1983.

Success came early on to Wooyoungmi, winning the Osaka International Fashion Award almost immediately after graduating. She founded her own company in 1988 called ‘Solid Corporation’, a year which also saw the first of her many boutiques open, the first being in the Apkujung district of Seoul. Wooyoungmi’s label has grown and grown over recent years and her designs can be found in boutiques and department stores across the world.

Woo Young MiThis success has rested firmly upon both the talent and business acumen of Wooyoungmi. Her menswear designs are elegantly masculine,with a touch of individuality and character, a combination that retains the functionality of a garment, but frees it from the chains of too much convention. All her clothes have a delicacy of style, favouring pastels, mists and dusts over the usual menswear staples of black and grey, which breathes a life into her designs but this is done with restraint, and the formality and functionality of her designs is always of great importance. A range of accessories and leather goods are also available, designed by Wooyoungmi.

Woo Young Mi 2Already one of South Korea’s leading fashion designers, the trajectory of Wooyoungmi’s career suggests that her name will become more and more prominent not just in Asia, but in Europe and the USA as well.

Website: www.wooyoungmi.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/woo_youngmi


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