Won Ji Yuen

Won Ji YuenWon Ji Yuen is the co-founder of R.Shemiste, one of the latest fashion labels to come out Korea. Founding the label with his partner Lee JooHoo, the R.Shemiste brand is based on an alternative word to the word ‘alchemy’. Alchemy, for those unfamiliar with the term is the process of turning the normal into the precious, such as base metals into gold, and this is a good analogy as to what they to at the label.

Won Ji YuenAlthough only launched in 2013, R.Shemiste is already known for its attention to detail when creating its designs. Starting with the constituents of bare textiles and basic design, they weave a lyrical narrative with the creative use of graphics and bold splashes of colour, reflecting a strong feminine identity in all their work

Won Ji YuenWon Ji Yuen has big ambitions for the brand. This can be seen in where there work has been showcased. Whilst many Asian designers are happy to spend their first few years developing their brand in their home country, Yuen and JooHoo have their sights set much further afield, and in only their second full year as a label, they have exhibited at both Tokyo and New York Fashion Weeks, as well as their more local Seoul Fashion Week. With a healthy and positive response to their designs wherever they have been showcased, it is clear that Yuen and JooHoo’s R.Shemiste label has a bright, bright future.

Website: www.rshemiste.com


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