Pim Sukhahuta

Pim SukhahutaPimdao ‘Pim’ Sukhahuta epitomises the term ‘girly’. As a child owning many Barbie dolls, and playing dress-up with her other sisters, Pim turned these childhood obsessions into a lifelong career of designing female clothing.

In what began by sewing her younger sister’s prom dress, Pim is now the leading designer of a global clothing line owned by herself and her two sisters Kly and Marina. It was for this reason that they decided to call the líne Sretsis- which is sisters backwards.

Sretsis’s philosophy is based on the universal theme of sisterly love. They take quirky feminine designs from classic periods and reinvent them with a more modern and refined twist. It’s this universality that has led the brand being recognised by international magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Grazia, as well as being worn by Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel among others.

Pim SukhahutaBorn in Bankok, Pim studied in New Zealand till the age of 15, and finished high school in England. Upon graduating high school, Pim travelled to New York to study at the Parsons School of Design, and in 2002 opened her first Sretsis shop in Bangkok. Her big breakthrough was fittingly when sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton were both seen wearing Pim’s boudray dresses.

Being an ordinary girl that loves shopping and trying on new clothes, Pim uses this as her fashion philosophy. Speaking to ThaiOasis, Pim said: “I think of myself as a customer, and I am always looking for what I can’t find in the shops…fun and playful clothes…that’s the foundation of my designs.”

Pim SukhahutaToday Sretsis has 25 seamstresses working at their Bangkok headquarters and they import fabrics from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and various other places across the world. Now as an internationally recognised brand, Pim continues to spread the message of sisterly love across the globe.

Website: www.sretis.com



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