EriBorn in New York, but moving to Tokyo at just six months old, Eri was immersed in the Tokyo fashion scene from an early age. Eri’s father, who had owned several vintage clothing stores in both New York and San Francisco decided to transfer his business to Japan, and opened Tokyo’s first ever vintage store, DEP’T. Starting a whole new trend of vintage clothing in the city, DEP’T remained the city’s most popular, prominent and important vintage store in the city up until her father’s recent retirement. Both Eri and her brother were heavily involved in the shop, and were often like walking adverts, wearing vintage clothing that her father had sourced from around the world.

EriThis love of vintage remains to this day, and Eri still does not wear new clothes, preferring used and vintage clothes. “Old clothing is more special to me, because no-one has the same”. Eri’s designs are rooted in vintage, but there are many more influences, and these evolve over time, as she lets her creations develop free from conscious direction, which means you will find a variety of themes in her collections, from goth, rock and indie, to a more hippie, girly chic.

EriHer own label, Mother, was started in 2006, and has flourished into a brand that can be bought around the world. Rooted in vintage it may be, but it’s definitely a label that is looking to the future.



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