Ek Thongprasert

Ek ThongprasertEk Thongprasert is a designer that bridges the worlds of fashion and art. Among his influences include artists such as Jeff Koons, Urs Fischer, and Carsten Holler. One of his collection’s lines was even developed by taking the philosophy of Oscar Wilde, and making it into a fashionable clothing line.

Based in Belgium, Thongprasert is the founder of two companies: Ek Thongprasert and Curated by Ek Thongprasert. The former is Throngprasert’s jewellery line, while the latter specialises in female clothing.

Ek ThongprasertThongprasert’s jewellery is unusually crafted from multicoloured silicon, giving them a vibrant and glittery feel. He takes designs from ancient Eastern and Western civilizations, and modernises them through silicon. His clothing line takes the same philosophy of modernising ancient designs, but he does this through using vibrant cloth and textiles.

Originally from Thailand, Thongpasert gained a first degree at Chulalonkorn University, and then went on to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Before moving to Belgium, Thongprasert did not have very much of an idea about what art was, and had to study it through visiting Belgian art galleries.

Ek ThongprasertHaving loved fashion since he was a teenager, his new-found love for art inspired him to develop an entirely new vision of fashion as a form of art. Speaking to Coconuts TV, Thongprasert said “I love the way artists challenge the world by asking questions of their audience. My collections all have to ask questions.”

Website: www.ekthongprasert.be


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