Dana Lee

Dana LeeMenswear has long been seen as the bastion of male designers, but in recent years, more and more female designers have been presenting menswear collections, and it is no surprise that due to this influx of new blood, menswear has found itself reinvigorated. One of the leading designers in this female invasion is Dana Lee, a designer whose love of the basic clean lines of menswear is fast making her one of most innovative, articulate and leading designers of her generation.

Dana LeeLee was born in Canada and grew up an extremely shy but academic child. It was academia that following university Lee found herself working in, but by her mid-twenties Lee felt unfulfilled, and it was in fashion that she found her vocation. The once shy individual now became someone who could use their designs as a way of expressing their voice, their style and their opinion. “There is nothing like the feeling of being understood.” said Lee.

Lee launched her own label in 2009, operating out of New York City. Lee’s trademarks include her accessibility and her simplicity, her casual basics line having an attention to detail that pays special focus to the fusion of fabrics, washes and textures, but ultimately remaining basic, unfussy and carefree. An advocate of using home-grown fabrics, this means Lee is not subject to large production minimums as she would be if she was using fabrics that had to be shipped from abroad, resulting in much more freedom to experiment and to take risks, along with giving all her creations a uniquely American DNA.Dana Lee

Dana Lee continues to articulate and innovate in her menswear collections, but has big plans in the future, that include moving into designing for women, and also a move into accessories.

Website: www.danaleenewyork.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/danaleenewyork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DANA-LEE/320505564643202


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