Chia-Wei Kang

pitopaak Chia-Wei Kang’s label Pitotpaak has the symbol of an old man breezily riding a bicycle, and it is this calming image that sums up his design philosophy. Kang’s craftsmanship comes through detailed checkered designs with woolen fabrics and textiles. He takes formalwear like blazers and waistcoats and gives them a more relaxed feel. In doing so, he takes old fashioned business styles, and transforms them into a more vibrant and fashionable aesthetic.

pitopaakBorn in Taiwan, Kang origanally intended to work in advertising. Instead Kang studied Costume Design at the Shih Chen University in Taipei. In 1996 he won the French Young Designer Concour, and came 3rd in the Japan Asia Fashion Award. It was in 1999 that he moved over to Paris to experience European life and attitudes, and began Pitotpaak two years later.

pitopaakDespite having such a relaxed and casual style of clothing, Kang’s personality is that of hard-work and self-determination. He believes fashion designers need to have momentum and courage, and even at times a stubborn personality.

With this desire for success, his remarkable list of achievments is unsurprising. In 2004, Kang won the Singapore Mercedes Benz Asia Fashion Award as part of Malaysian Fashion Week, and the ‘Who’s Next Fresh’ title at the 2005 Paris Fashion Exhibition. Kang’s work was included in Tokyo Fashion Week as part of the “2010 Asian Designers Collection” and later that year Kang won “Best Way of Working With Fabrics” at the International Apparel Federation Awards. Additionally global magazines such as Elle and Bazaar have all featured Kang’s work.



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