Asian Fashion Icons: Ha Ji Won and Narsha

Ha Ji Won pose for the cover of Sure Magazine

The actress Ha Ji Won posed for the latest issue of Sure Magazine. The fashion magazine featured Ha Ji Won as a goddess. She showed off another side of her personality where she dressed up in more feminine ensembles.

We are used to seeing her being fierce and strong but this time she looked every inch as a goddess. She wore bright and chic outfits which radiated a more feminine aura. She channels the Goddess of Spring look with ease and style. According to an insider’s remarks about Ha Ji Won, “We usually go with a hairstyle that makes a stronger statement, but in order to bring out the real Ha Ji Won, we kept her hairstyle short the way it was.”

On an interview the actress reveals, “I think female actors need to be more refreshing than being pretty“. She revealed about how fun she had during the photo shoot.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha for Officiel Hommes

Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls’ group grace the cover of Officiel Hommes magazine. The sexy star showed off her sexy curves and despicable taste in fashion.

Narsha oozed with sex appeal and confidence. She sashayed like a model wearing retro inspired outfits. She had kohl rimmed eyes, beehive hairstyle and vintage look. Would you believe if Narsha is actually 30 years old? She definitely looks younger than her age. She knows how to bring out her inner beauty with her wit and charisma.


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