Asian Fashion Icon: Go Hara

Go Hara is becoming a household name in Korea. And the reason for this is not just her pleasing personality and popularity but she will star in two movies. The Kpop singer will star in a Pacemaker which will be released tomorrow January 18 and Papa which will be released early February. The Korean star is adding another career which is acting. Aside from her blossoming career she is also a favorite among magazines covers. She has been featured in some magazine covers like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Girl, Singles Magazine and High Cut Magazine.

Go Hara is now a fashion icon to watch out for. In her cover for Harper’s Bazaar she is featured wearing ensembles from big fashion labels like Missoni, Fendi and Gucci. In her photo shoot she looked chic and sophisticated wearing knits and coats.

Another side of her personality was seen as she posed for Elle Girl. She wore fashionable pieces with an androgynous inspired look. She was able to portray a boyish look without qualms. She looked very natural in her photo shoot for Elle. She proves to be a versatile model who knows how to convey a message through her poses.

Go Hara looked dramatic in her photo spread for Singles Magazine. This time she wore a maid inspired look which showcased her dramatic and sensual side. She wore corsets and laces which brought out her feisty and sexy personality. She really did a great job in portraying another character. This time she was able to showcase her sexy persona with style.

The beautiful singer/actress looked very natural in her recent photo shoot for High Cut Korea. She was featured wearing knits and winter inspired look. Although the theme was plain and very simple she was able to bring out her natural beauty. This photo shoot shows us her natural beauty.


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