2012 is the year of G-Dragon in High Cut!

The star of this month’s ‘High Cut’ is the one and only G-Dragon!

With 2012 being the year of the dragon, the leader of Big Bang was chosen as the representative celebrity born in the year of the dragon for the shoot titled, ’2012 Year of the G-Dragon’.

Surrounded by life-sized dolls and female models, fashionista G-Dragon showcased a variety of facial expressions as well as various statement apparel pieces ranging from a bright red blazer to red knee-high socks.

To support their leader, members Taeyang and Daesung made a surprise appearance and light-heartedly pleaded, “Please take care of our Jiyong.”

Following the photoshoot, G-Dragon sat down for an interview, in which he answered questions about Big Bang’s plans for 2012, and his thoughts about some of the negative reaction he is bound to face once Big Bang’s promotion is underway.

He stated, “I think we will have to work even harder this year than other years with the feeling of paying back [for the support we’ve received].”

To the question about the negative reaction, he responded, “Whatever the case, it is my fault so I will accept it…I’m trying to broaden my heart and mind.”

The rest of the photos from the photoshoot can be found on the 70th issue of ‘High Cut’.


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