Cat Print Spoon / Plate / Bowl / Sauce Dish / Set of 5: Bowl + Sauce Dish + Spoon + Chopsticks + Chopstick Rest


Brand from China: Modern Wife. Color: Circle Plate – Brown Trim – White, Materials: Clay, Size: 11inch Oval Plate: Width: 16cm, Diameter: 28cm Sauce Dish: Diameter: 10.2cm 4.75inch Bowl: Height: 5cm, Diameter: 12cm 5.5inch Bowl: Height: 4.5cm, Diameter: 13.6cm 9inch Bowl: Height: 7.5cm, Diameter: 22.5cm 6inch Sauce Dish: Diameter: 15.5cm 8inch Sauce Dish: Diameter: 20.5cm 10inch Circle Dish: Diameter: 24cm Spoon: Length: 14.3cm, Width: 4cm 8inch Square Plate: Length: 20.2cm, Width: 14.5cm 12.2inch Rectangle Plate: Length: 31.5cm, Width: 16cm Soup Cup: Height: 9.5cm, Diameter: 16cm Cake Grilled bowl: Height: 5.3cm, Diameter: 9cm Mug: Height: 10.5cm, Cup Mouth Diameter: 8.3cm, Handle Length: 3.2cm Bowl – S: Height: 5cm, Length: 15.2cm, Width: 10.5cm Bowl – L: Height: 6cm, Length: 20.7cm, Width: 14cm 7.5inch Bowl With Handle: Height: 8cm, Diameter: 12cm, Total Length: 19.5cm Chopstick Rest: Length: 6.1cm, Care: N/A

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