BEYOND – Kids Eco House Set (Disney Friends Edition): Body Wash 350ml + Lotion 250ml + Soft Shampoo 60ml


Brand from South Korea: BEYOND. A body wash, lotion & shampoo set for kids which contains green sprout complex to nourish and moisturize children’s sensitive skin and hair. Body Wash: Erriched with broccoli and brussels sprout extracts that softly cleanses children’s skin easily exposed to dust and pollution and keeps skin soft for a long time. How to use: Take a moderate amount to create lather with a shower puff, then gently massage and rub the entire body. Rinse off with water thoroughly. Lotion: Keeps skin healthy and soft. How to use: After shower or bath, dry your skin, then evenly spread a moderate amount and gently massage your face and body. Soft Shampoo: Thoroughly removes the impuritites and pollutants from scalp, also keeps hair and scalp moisturized and soft. How to use: Take an appropriate amount to create lather, lightly massage hair and scalp and rinse off thoroughly with water.

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