Park Yoohwan on High cut!

JYJ member Park Yoochun‘s brother Park Yoohwan showcased his new physique, catching the attention of girls everywhere.

Park Yoohwan recently posed for the January edition of Style Magazine ‘High Cut‘, and displayed an impressive masculine physique, giving his brother a run for his money.

“The only thing he’s got on me is his milky skin,” Yoohwan joked. Juxtaposing his baby face, Yoohwan revealed a defined shoulder line and a muscular physique that came as a surprise to most of his fans.

He was able to pull off a leather jacket and a fishnet tank top extremely well, exuding masculinity throughout the shoot.

And when he removed his jacket to reveal a tattoo on his backside, the female staff members on set reportedly skipped a few breaths.


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