Japanese Pride: Yohji Yamamoto during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Yohji Yamamoto brought Japanese Fashion into the limelight during the Mercedez-Benz New York Fashion Week.  He presented his Spring/Summer Collection 2011 in collaboration with Adidas.  Y-3 shows the avant garde taste of Yohji Yamamoto.  He’s able to maintain his signature style into the latest Y-3 Collection.

The show proved to be electrifying with a rock and roll theme.  The runway was captivating with its mirror panels.  The Duke Spirit even made the show more explosive with their performance.  Y-3 owned the stage with its rebellious and astounding artful designs.  Although the rock and roll element have been quite abused these days Yohji retains its freshness through his well made designs.  He never fails to surprise everyone with his flair.

If you’ve been a Y-3 fanatic you probably know the life story of Yohji.  But if quite unfamiliar with his biography here is a little information of how he came to “Yohji Yamamoto”.  He  was born in Tokyo and graduated from a prestigious fashion school.  He started designing women’s clothes during the 70’s.  Years later he began to create a name for himself by setting up his own company.  His designs attracted fashion enthusiasts and he finally achieved stardom during his Spring/Summer Collection 1983 in Paris.

Yohji’s design uses the basic colors – black, white and navy.  He adds some splashes of color every now and then with his designs.  His designs are plain looking compared to other collections but what separates him from them is the sophistication he puts in each of his collection.  The depth and volume of his designs makes each piece a timeless and classic work of art.


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