Titi Kwan

tITI KwanNumero magazine described Faye Wong as ‘the style icon of a generation’. They heralded the singer-songwriter as having an ‘unorthodox yet confident image that woke up a whole generation of young people seeking freedom of expression’. So who was behind this woman know as the Madonna of the East?

Meet Titi Kwan, the stylist of Faye Wong from the mid 90’s up until her career break in 2004. It was during this hiatus that Titi pursued his own interests by setting up his own label Alibellus plus. From fashion designers like Madeleine Vionnet, to pop-icons like Billy Idol, Kwan uses a diverse range of influences on his designs. Typically, Kwan would use bold and dark colours to create a sophisticated nightlife image.

tITI KwanThe label is divided into three sections: luxury casual, dresses, and Limited Edition. Speaking about his style, Kwan told The D’Vine: “I like classic pieces but I twist them. I keep telling myself I must get bored by myself first before people are bored by me. I need to keep reinventing things. It’s a challenge that every time I have to do something new.”

The detailed tailoring of Kwan’s menswear is no surprise. Kwan was born in China, where his father was a tailor who made Chinese garments. At age 15, Kwan moved to Paris to live with his sister, and fell in love with the Parisian lifestyle. At 18 Kwan studied at the Studio Bercot in Paris and soon began getting part-time work as a stylist, which soon became his full-time profession. It was through travelling back to Hong Kong that he met Faye Wong.

tITI KwanToday Titi continues to work alongside Faye Wong, but is at the same time designing his own lines. It is through this that Titi is now no longer behind the limelight, but deservedly now part of it too.

Website: www.titikwan.fr


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