Su Jinn Kim

Su Jinn KimSu Jinn Kim is the founder and creative director of Korea’s Soulpot Studio. Founded in 2007, Soulpot Studio was an idea that Kim had had for some time. She wanted to start a brand that was full of the youthful exuberance that she could she all around her in the Hongdae district of Seoul, often referred to by many as the ‘Soho’ of Seoul.

Combined with this youthful exuberance, Kim wanted Soulpot Studio to be a brand that was anchored in the cultural and social heritage of modern Korea, and build it upon the calm sophistication and the elegant purity that is unique about Korean culture, emphasising the quiet humanism, the gentle moderation and the meditational calmness.

Su Jinn KimSoulpot Studio has a distinctive and direct philosophy behind its designs, and it is an articulation of Su Jinn Kim’s own trusted beliefs. “Fashion is the tool of delivering a message”, and that message is defined by the keywords that Kim uses to describe her brand. Nature, culture, humanity, spirit, healing and coexistence. This results in designs that are timelessly elegant, rooted in solid traditional craftsmanship and an ethnically vocal articulation of the quiet, inherent aesthetic of the Korean inner spirit.

Su Jinn KimSoulpot Studio’s designs are high-end fashion at their very best, fashion that not only has inherent style and elegance, but more unusually, it is a brand that has soul, a most unusual attribute in today’s often shallow fashion industry. Its fresh, lyrical and ethical styles have reinvigorated Korean fashion, and it looks a certainty that the brand will spread its wings further into the fashion world in years to come.



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