Siki Im

Siki ImSiki Im’s designs are influenced by a wide range of cultures, and given his upbringing, it is not really surprising. Born to Korean parents in the city of Cologne, Germany, Siki Im received a classical Germanic education. He followed this by studying at the prestigious and famous Oxford School of Architecture in the UK, and now he finds himself at the heart of the New York fashion scene.

Falling into fashion almost by accident, Siki Im started out as an architect at the radical and innovative Archi-Tectonics, but found the job boring, and it was for this reason he was drawn to the world of fashion. “Fashion is a lot more immediate and tactile” said Siki, “and much more emotional”. His first jobs in fashion were as a designer with both Helmut Lang and Karl Lagerfeld, but by 2009 he was ready to go it alone, and launched his own menswear label.

Siki ImAs well as being a reflection of his cross-cultural upbringing, Siki Im’s designs are characterised by a cheeky quirkiness, a mash-up of strict architectural influences combined with abstract conceptual flights-of-fancy. His work is challenging, evolving and confrontational, forcing the accepted rules and regulations of the industry to be re-evaluated and re-imagined.

With his designs being sold in Siki Imdepartment stores and boutiques around the world, Siki Im has not been short of recognition by the industry, winning the Ecco Domani Fashion Award. As to what the future holds, Siki hopes to move into both women’s wear and accessories, but for now, he continues to push menswear into innovative and exciting new directions.



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