Park Jong Chul

Park Jong ChulOne of the premier designers to come out of Korea, Park Jong Chul is a designer that looks to the past to gain inspiration for the future.

Following his graduation from fashion college, Park Jong Chul launched his own label in 2000, at Tokyo Fashion Week. With a good reception from critics, this meant that the next few years were spent showcasing his designs to an expectant public around the world. As well as regular visits to Tokyo Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week, Chul has exhibited in China, Paris and New York, and has collaborated with some of the world’s top designers,including Thoma Vurille. A darling of the Korean celebrity scene, his designs can be seen worn by some of South Korea’s biggest celebrities of stage and screen.

Park Jong ChulThe popularity of his designs rest on his expression of the classic. Inspired by the vintage styles of the fifties, sixties and seventies, Chul has articluated through his work an expression of these era’s styles with a chic modern touch, resulting in menswear that is cool, stylish, sophisticated and classy. Chul stays loyal to the traditional colours of menswear, blacks, greys and navies, as well as the more traditional fabrics, cotton, leather, silk, wool and denim. This reliance on the tradional building blocks of clothing lets Chul then add his sophisticated modern touches, to add subtle dashes of modernity to his timelessly classic designs.

Park Jong ChulBeing a designer who specialises in menswear classics, there will always be a place for Park Jong Chul as one of Korea’s leading designers, his designs with their classical, timeless elegance will always have mass appeal.



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