Mim Mak

mim makMim Mak is a designer who looks to look at fashion through different viewpoints. Her label “HANG” is taken from the German word for ramp. When you see a ramp or slope head on it just looks like blank space, but when you see it at an angle you realise it is something much different. Mak’s philosophy is all about alternative viewpoints and different perspectives.

Speaking to Leung Wing Man, Mim siad “I get inspiration outside of fashion, like different art, music, and even outdoor sports. I found out that the materials of a wetsuit is very applicable with plasticity, and I used it as the main material in my latest collection.” Typically Mak would use the colour black and with bright bold colours, and for the wetsuit collection she contrasted black with lime green to create a bold collision of colours.

mim makBorn in Hong Kong, Mim studied graphic design at the Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre. After graduating, she was admitted to Alternatiff and trained as a fashion designer. In 2011, Mim hosted the “Fotanian Fashion Show” and in 2012 won the Hong Kong Fashion Week Young Designers’ Contest. This provided her the opportunity to intern with Japanese designer Atsuro Tayama.

mim makIn the same year, Mim launched her own label HANG, and her winning collection was made for sale at Joyce Boutique. Mim also collaborated with R.C.M ón the closing ceremony of a Guangzhou fashion show. More recently, Mim showcased a presentation for th Asia Fashion Collection in both Tokyo and New York. It is clear that Mim’s fashion career is only going from strength to strength, and she is most certainly one of the hottest young designers in East Asia.

Website: www.hanggggggg.com


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