Mark Cheung

Mark CheungMark Cheung doesn’t match the stereotype of the eccentric fashion designer, and has been described as a a bit of a hermit. But despite Cheung’s dislike for self publicity, he is still a globally recognised designer but he prefers to let his designs do the talking.

Cheung began his own label FAIRWHALE in 2001, and has had three outstanding apparel programmes: Mark Fairwhale International Vogue Men’s Wear, Fairwhale Jeans for Men, and Fairwhale Creative Urban Wear. Their HQ in Shanghai currently employs over 300 employees, and the brand has over 900 outlets in China. Cheung used the name FAIRWHALE because of the free spirit, strength and tenacity of white whales.

Mark CheungAs well as the MARK FAIRWHALE label, Cheng is also known for his extravagant fashion shows, regularly showing on Beijing fashion week. Here Cheung takes designs from ancient Oriental cultures and transforms them into vibrant and fashionable clothing. While FAIRWHALE is famous for its menswear, Cheung’s fashion shows display his talents for designing elegant female garments as well, inspired by ancient Chinese patterns.

Mark CheungBased in Beijing, Cheung often enjoys travelling around remote areas in search of inspiration for his fashion designs. Speaking to, Cheung said, “Around July each year, I take a trip, alone. At travel time, I don’t have a care in the world. Every day I come up with two designs, drawing inspiration from the scenes that touch me most.”

Cheung is also the vice-chairman of the China Association of Fashion Design and chairman of the China Fashion Committee of Asia Fashion Union. One of Cheung’s lines has been used for famous South Korean actor and model Park Hae-jin.



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