Lo Singchin

Lo Sing ChinLo Singchin is a designer that doesn’t follow trends, and instead takes inspiration from the most unlikeliest of sources. His 2013 Autumn/Winter collection was inspired by Google Maps, where each garment is like a map by using different clothing fabrics and techniques. Speaking to Fashion Ally, Lo said: “from the start I wanted to create a label that pays no attention to trends or the market. My designs are inspired by fabrics or just life in general.”

Born in Hong Kong, Singchin began as an engineering student in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, but then transferred to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and ever since focused on Fashion Design. Lo took preference to fashion design rather than following certain formulae or a specific path. After graduating he learned his trade through working for Hong Kong companies such as I.T and Moiselle, and that eventually landed him working for local brand Sin Sin.

Lo Sing ChinIt was in 2007 when Singchin created his own label PLOTZ. Singchin Lo’s designing method is all about detail. He believes that each fold, each dip, each wave and each knot all equally contribute to the garment as a whole. His philosophy on design is that flattering a woman’s body comes through detailed patchwork based on contour and silhouette. His collections are an array of clean architectural layers of fabric contrasted with punchy hues of yellow and pink.

Lo Sing ChinDespite being only at the beginning of his career, Singchin won the 2014 Asahi Kasei Chinese Fashion Designer Creativity Award, and was nominated for the internationally recognised Woolmark Prize in 2013. Today, PLOTZ has 30 stockists across Hong Kong, and is a brand that is continuing to grow across China and the world.

Website: www.plotz.co


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