Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang BongA graduate of the Institute of the Arts in Seoul where he took a degree in broadcasting, Lie Sang Bong’s first career was as an actor, but it is as a fashion designer he realised was where his passions lay. This decision to become a fashion designer was a very good one, as he has become one of Korea’s best known designers, known not just in his native country, but the world over.

Lie Sang Bong showcased his first collection, ‘Reincarnation’ at the 1993 Seoul Fashion Week to great critical acclaim. Yearly showcases in Seoul followed, and in 1999 he was nominated for the Best Designer of the Year award. Anxious however not just to confine himself to Korea, Bong decided he wanted to showcase his work all over the world, so in 2002 he debuted in Paris. His success was such that he decided to stay in Paris, and is based there to this day.

Lie Sang BongLie Sang Bong’s influences are complex and wide-ranging. From Korean poetry to episodes of European history, film noir, cubism and Bauhaus design are all things he has taken inspiration from. On a more practical level, Bong’s designs naturally highlight a woman’s innate beauty, his designs being a pleasure to wear, their soft feminine beauty combining effortlessly with a functionality that makes his clothes easy to wear yet sensually stunning.

Lie Sang BongBong hasn’t just confined himself to textiles. In 2006 he collaborated with LG on a Lie Sang Bong mobile phone, and he has also worked with a major Korean tobacco manufacturer on a special edition Lie Sang Bong tobacco case. Internationally renowned, he has worked with celebrities such as Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, his designs being seen regular on the world’s red carpets.



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