LicaLICA is one half of the design team behind the hugely influential Japanese fashion brand Zechia, the other being Masahiro Nakagawa

Born in 1967, LICA met Nakagawa whilst they were both studying at the prestigious art school in the city of Osaka. LICA and Nakawaga have worked as a team from this first meeting, first launching a label together in 1993, called 20471120, and then establishing boutiques in both Osaka and Tokyo in 1995. The 20471120 brand became huge in Japan in the nineties, its urban street chic being extremely popular with Tokyo’s younger fashion conscious citizens. Critical praise and awards were in abundance, LICA winning the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Face Award in 1998, as well as invitations to work as brand director for Baby Jane Cacharel, which she decided to take up.

LicaBy 2007 however, both Nakagawa and LICA decided that they wanted to launch another label, and it was in this year that launched Zechia. In a move away the urban street-chic of their previous label, Zechia is characterised by a science fiction infused bohemian attitude, a more relaxed feeling that has a touch of late sixties psychedelia. Launched to an eager fashion world, Zechia’s collections have been praised around the world.

LicaLICA continues to work with Nakagawa, and their designs can be bought in some of the most distinguished and stylish boutiques and department stores on the planet.



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