Lee Suk Tae

Lee Suk TaeLee Suk Tae was born in Busan, South Korea in 1969. Interested in fashion from an early age, he studied fashion design at Konkuk University (graduating in 1994), followed by postgraduate study at the Graduated l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, and the Berco Studio, both in Paris.

Tae’s working life commenced as soon as he left Studio Berco, commencing internships at two leading fashion houses, Sonia Rykiel and Christian Dior. Armed with his extensive academic experience and his recent practical experience under some of the leading designers in France, Tae thought it was time to launch his own label, which is what he did in 1997, launching Kaalesuktae.

Lee Suk TaeAs a designer, Lee Suk Tae is a modern brand, rooted in the contemporary with a particular regard for the avant garde combined with the formality of function. His 2014 collection, filled with high-cut skirts, corsets, sheer panelling and garter belts had a distinctively architectural influence, with dynamic silhouettes and geometric patterns, the abundance of layering echoing the deep foundations architectural works of art are built upon.

Lee Suk TaeLee Suk Tae has showcased his collections all over the globe to much critical acclaim, and he has not been short of awards either, 2012 being an exceptionally successful year for him. During this time, he won the Herald Economy Designer of the Year award, the Korean Textile Industries Excellent Brand award and the After Fashion Week Designer of the Year award.

A designer of immense talent and creativity, Lee Suk Tae and his Kaalesuktae brand can look to the future with confidence.

Website: www.kaalesuktae.com


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