Kim Jaehyun

Kim JaehyunKim Jae-Hyun is fast rising star of the Korean fashion scene, and is the Creative Director of two of Korea’s most exciting labels, Jardin de Chouette and Lucky Chouette.

Kim JaehyunJardin de Chouette was launched by Jae-Hyun in 2005, and was a reaction to the then South Korean fashion scene’s reliance on mass production, her label creating handmade and unique creations, many of which are not available off the peg, and have to be specially ordered. Following the success of the Jardin de Chouette label, Jae-Hyun launched another label, Lucky Chouette. As a sister label to Jardin de Chouette, Jae-Hyun’s latest label builds upon what she does best, create visually stunning and stimulating clothes that shouldn’t just be confined to Korea, and it has soon become the bigger brand of the two, becoming the go-to label for Korean pop-stars and hence their legions of adoring fans.

Kim JaehyunBoth brands are defined by funky garments with a rock n roll attitude, strong feminine silhouettes and lines. Classic and strong tuxedo jackets are mashed-up with edgy hipster dresses with plunging necklines, and all her designs feature a smart sassyness and ultra cool sexiness. As a couple of relatively young labels, both Jardin de Chouette and Lucky Chouette look set to grow and grow into labels that will not just be major players on the Korean fashion scene, but the world fashion scene.



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