Jung Wook jun

Jung Wook JunJung Wook Jun is a fast rising star not just of the Korean fashion scene, but the fashion scene as a whole. Studying at the prestigious international fashion design and business school ESMOD (the Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode), he graduated with a degree in fine arts. It was whilst at ESMOD that his interest in fashion began, and following his graduation in 1992 (and a short spell of National Service in the Korean Army), he went to work at a number of famous labels to gain the experience he would need to launch his own brand.

Jung Wook JunIt was in 1999 that his dream to launch his own brand became a reality, and he launched his label, ‘Lone Costume’ to an expectant public. Debuting his designs at Seoul Fashion Week, the critics and public loved his work, and the label soon became hugely popular in Korea, being the most sought after brand with a dedicated cult following.

2007 saw Jung Wook Jun launch his namesake label at Mens Fashion Week in Paris. Critically acclaimed, this firmly established him as a major player, mainly due to the innovation his designs show, Jun never afraid to deconstruct what can be regarded as even the most sacred elements of menswear. His classical tailoring background gives him the firm foundations to tackle staid ideas about menswear head-on, where he can bring elements of youth and street-chic to make modern but classically cool clothing that has an exciting urban edge.

Jung Wook JunJung Wook Jun continues to showcase his designs on catwalks around the world, his unique combination of classical tailoring and street-chic ensuring that he will be a dominant force in the world of fashion for a number of years to come, Jung Wook Jun referring to himself not so much as a designer, but a ‘street-tailor’.

Website: www.juunj.com


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