Jehee Sheen

Jehee SheenSeoul based fashion designer Jehee Sheen is rapidly making a name for himself on the ever emerging Korean fashion scene. Educated at Seoul’s Konkuk University, Sheen graduated in 2003 with a degree in Apparel Science. Wishing to further his fashion training, he then moved to Italy to attend the Istituto Marangoni, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion colleges. He achieved his BA in Basic Fashion Design in 2005, and his MA in Fashion Design in 2006.

With such an impressive academic background in fashion, Sheen was able to get himself a job that most young designers would dream of, a designer at Giorgio Armani. Staying at Armani for two years, it was in 2008 that Sheen decided the time was right to launch his own label, and it was thus in this year that his own name label was launched.

Jehee SheenLaunched to a great reception, Jehee Sheen’s designs represent a new take on menswear minimalism. With obvious East and West influences, his modern and simplistic creations incorporate herringbone, gingham or stripes in an understated yet powerful way, which results in a look that is cool, sophisticated and timeless. Jehee Sheen is unusual in that he doesn’t just portray a ‘look’ in his designs, preferring to portray an attitude that reflects an individual’s emotions of the trials and trivialities of daily life.

Jehee SheenSheen has showcased his designs all over Europe since 2009, and in the USA at New York Fashion Week from 2011. As well as this, Sheen also finds the time to be Professor of Fashion Design at Seoul Art University, a post which shows his influence and importance in the Korean fashion world.



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