JaisonJaison, and his brand, Jasion Couture has been been immensely popular since its launch in 2005, at the renowned Parisian shopping district of Saint Honore. Prior to its launch, Jaison was schooled in some of the very best of France’s prestigious fashion houses, following his graduation from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale, he worked as a designer at Paco Rabanne, Eric Bergere and Frederic Alzra Couture. This solid background in French Haute Couture meant that Jaison’s own brand launched to a an expectant and eager audience.

Since its launch in 2005, Jaison Couture has become one of the small number of brands of choice for the very highest echelons of society, including Russian billionaires, European royalty and the oil-rich sheiks of Abu-Dhabi, Oman and Dubai, lavishing Jaison Couture designs on the women in their lives.

JaisonThe popularity of Jaison’s designs comes down to its inherent and distinctive femininity, and all his designs delicately bring out the beauty of women. His exquisite designs are for women who want to feel special, who want to feel like they are wearing clothes of immense beauty, designs that speak to them and make them feel like they were designed for them and them alone. His elaborate designs make use of the finest silks, laces, jewels and stones, and an immeasurable attention to detail means that each and every piece is finished to perfection. Due to this artisan approach of design, each collection is unique, each piece a work of art in its own right, beautiful, timeless and unforgettable.

JaisonJaison continues to showcase his work around the world and it continues to be popular with some of the most influential and stylish women on the planet. Jaison’s place as one of the top designers in the world looks set to continue for a very long time.

Website: www.jaisoncouture.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaisoncoutureparis


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