Yoo Hyejin

Hyejin YooYoo Hyejin is the Creative Director of the Kumann brand, one of the leading fashion houses in South Korea.

The Kumann brand has a long and distinguished history in Korea. Founded by EunHwan Oh in 1965, it has grown to become the leading ready-to-wear studio in South Korea. Known for floral patterns, well-fitting cuts and sylish and elegant designs, EunHwan Oh and her Kumann brand basically developed modern women’s fashion in Korea, an originator as well as an innovator.

Hyejin YooSince taking the reins of the brand, Yoo Hyejin has been careful to preserve the original ethos of the company, as well as recognising its founder’s huge influence on Korean fashion. One of her first decisions was to rename the company Kumann EunHwan Oh, in honour of its founder. This brand would continue to produce the same sort of designs Kumann is known and loved for. Yoo Hyejin, in realising it is important for a brand to stay loyal to what it does best also realised the need for a brand to evolve, and it was for this reason that she launched another brand under the Kumann banner, Kumann Yoo Hye Jin. Whilst the original brand would stick with what it does best, the new brand would enable Yoo Hyejin to develop the company, and produce designs that experiment with form and function, and use technology to produce designs that are cutting-edge, daring and influential.

Hyejin YooYoo Hyejin’s time at Kumann has been hugely successful and it has seen her become more and more of an international designer. She regularly presents her collections at Seoul Fashion Week, and she has built Kumann into a brand that the original founder EunHwan Oh would have been proud of.

Website: www.kumann.me


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