Hong Eunju

Hong EunjuFollowing 14 years working in various fashion houses in Paris, Korean fashion designer Hong Eunju decided it was time to start her own label, and thus ENZUVAN was born in 2000. Billed as a concept designer brand, Eunju’s desire was to build a brand that would not just appeal to Korea or even just East Asia, but to a worldwide audience. Debuting her first collection at Seoul Fashion Week to great critical acclaim, Eunju spent the next few years showcasing her designs around the world, including New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and she still appears regularly with hugely successful collections at all the world’s major fashion weeks.

Hong EunjuAs well as designing for her own label, Hong Eunju’s influence and importance to the Korean fashion industry was confirmed by her appointment as Professor of Fashion Design at the Graduate School of Art at Ewha Women’s University, one of the most prestigious universities in Asia.

Hong Eunju’s designs show a number of inspirations, including the avant-garde and the oriental. Eunju is particularly interested in the definition and expression of beauty, and this can be seen in many of her designs. Just as women express their beauty in many different ways, from the plain and simple to the heavily ornate, Eunju’s designs try to articulate this paradox, and thus she presents a range of contrasting shapes and styles that somehow she is able to make coexist harmoniously.

Hong EunjuAn ever-growing label and brand, Hong Eunju’s ENZUVAN is set to become a major player in the world fashion scene.

Website: www.enzuvan.com


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