Henry Lau

Henry LauFrom famous popstars to ordinary people, Henry Lau is the person Hong Kong comes to for sophisticated streetwear. Since 1998, Lau has been operating through Spy, a clothing store become franchise aimed at making ordinary people look sophisticated and trendy.

Having graduated in fashion design from Hong Kong Polytechinc in 1992, Lau was involved in costume creation and image design for celebrities such as Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, and Jay Chow amongst others. 4 years later Lau opened his first Spy store in Hong Kong, and since then has added three more around the city, as well as having collections sold in Kuwait, Sydney, Dubai, and Beijing. The success of Spy collections has resulted in Lau working alongside international companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and Debeers Diamonds.

Henry LauLau’s first Spy store was aptly named ‘Spy Theatre’, as Lau’s influence stems form his love of movies and theatre. Speaking to Fashion Channel, Lau said: “every time I think of collections, I think of the story first. I look at what is the moment, how is a girl to look like, and what is the style. It is the story that begins all of my collections.” Designing both for men and women, Lau uses extravagant fabrics and colours to combine stagewear and casualwear to create his sophisticated image for ordinary people.

Henry LauIn March this year Lau represented Hong Kong in the 2014 Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza. Lau’s line unsuprisingly took on a Hollywood theme, showcasing his latest line of sophisticated streewear. The show was an attempt to celebrate Hong Kong’s continuing presence as a fashion capital, and no one exemplifies this thriving spirit more than Lau.

Website: www.spyhenrylau.com


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