Frankie Xie

Frankie XieFrankie Xie, also referred to as Xie Feng, made Chinese fashion making history by becoming the first Chinese mainland designer to have a presence at the stage of Paris Fashion Week in 2006. He also owns China’s first brand to get into international haute couture.

Xie first made his name in 1990, when he won a gold medal in a Japanese Young Fashion Designer Award. He had just finished his graduate studies at Bunka Fukuso Gakuin,and soon began working as a designer for various top designer houses as a designer. Xiu’s most notable employers were the prestigious Japanese label Nicole and renowned Japanese designer Mistuhiro Mazda. It was in the year 2000, that Xie began his own label JEFEN, which was the springboard for Xiu’s international success.

Frankie XieIn just five years, JEFEN had twenty seperate stores in China, and today the company has expanded to over fifty shops, featuring in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitian amongst others. It is known as a trendsetting luxury brand, where the focus is mainly on his homeland. As well as having designs inspired by traditional Chinese culture, Xie also uses natural Chinese fabrics such as cotton linen and silk. Xie speaks very proudly about his country and believes much of his success is owed to his homeland.

Frankie XieSpeaking about Chinese designers to CCTV International, Xie said: “We are from China. As China’s economy grows, many international events are not complete without China’s participation. This has given us a chance to go to top international fashion weeks. So when we are successful, we cannot forget the nation.”

After helping put Chinese fashion on the map, Xie continues creating fresh new innovative designs.



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