Bowie Wong

bowie wongAs the son of an opera singer, Bowie Wong’s love for fashion and the stage began at an early age. Bowie was surrounded by elaborate costume designs as a boy, and by the time he was a teenager went on to study Pure Design in Japan. Next stop was Canada where he studied Stage and Costume Design, where his career truly took off.

Before long Bowie was contracted with major stage publications such as Phantom of The Opera and Cats, as well as working on the production of shows for international musicians like Paul McCartney Madonna and Phil Collins.

bowie wongAfter moving to Australia in 1997, Bowie began his own fashion label BOWIE in 2000. The brand centres on the idea of luxury which he describes in three words: ‘love, happiness, and health’. Speaking in an interview with Agent Luxe, Bowie said “You can express luxury: it’s an aura. For example when you walk down the street and somebody smiles at you with a classy attitude, not because they want their picture taken with you but because…they’ve got style!”.

bowie wongThe brand is considered a high class luxury label and has been worn by stars such as Kylie Minogue, George Michael, and The Veronicas. It is aimed at high profile celebrities, and is known by its uniquely detailed garment and personal approach to creating couture pieces. Bowie’s designs can be seen in red carpets across the world.

With this status in the fashion world, Bowie also sat on the judging panel of the V Raw Lifestyle Design search in 2009, and mentored the winner in Melbourne’s 2010 Lifestyle Festival. Outside of the fashion world, Bowie has also been named Friend of Australia by the Australian tourism board for his continuing contribution to the Australian fashion industry.



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