SeungHee Lee

Seung Hee LeeLike many of her contemporaries, Korean fashion designer SeungHee Lee trained abroad in fashion design. Graduating from the London College of Fashion with a first class bachelors degree in Womanswear, she then went on to study at the prestigious Central St Martins College in London, the training ground off such luminaries as Alexander McQueen where she obtained a masters degree in fashion.

To build upon this enviable academic training, Lee returned to her native South Korea following her graduation to start work for the Korean womanswear brand Kuho as a designer. Working their for a number of years gained Lee valuable experience, but by 2010 she wanted to put this experience to use on her own projects, and it is for this reason that she launched her own brand, Leyii at the 2010 London Fashion Week. A veritable success, she was named as one of the top 10 designers, a special accolade for a designer with such a young brand.

Seung Hee LeeBuilding upon this initial success can sometimes be difficult, but Lee has managed to do this, and has become a regular exhibitor at London Fashion Week, and others around the work, such as Paris, Tokyo, New York and Seoul, where in 2012 she was placed in the top 10 designers for the fourth year running, an achievement no other designer has ever achieved, before or since.

Seung Hee Lee2012 has seen her focus expand more into the European market, and her Leyii brand has been marketed aggressively to gain a stronger foothold in this market. Although only early days, it is not hard to imagine the Leyii brand becoming one of the mainstays of the European and world fashion scene.



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