Asian-American Designers Spotlight: Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 Collection NYFW

The catwalk was filled with Tilda Swinton looking models as Prabal Gurung showcased his Spring 2011 Collection in the New York Fashion Week.  His collection screamed a different vibe from among other designer’s collection.

His dresses are the opposite of the vulgar dresses that dominated the fashion scene for a decade.  He wanted to show that women should feature her most important asset, which is her intellect.   His collection was made up of predominant silhouettes and long hemlines.

Prabal Gurung is a very technical fashion designer which prides in his detailed craftsmanship.  He also sees through the perfection of the littlest details such as the slits of the skirts and the sheath of the dresses.  His dresses on models Frida Gustavsson, Heidi Mount and Irina Kulikova were very astounding.  He also collaborated with Nicholas Kirkwood for his Spring 2011 Collection.

Not everyone knows who Prabal is.  His name sounds Asian and he is Asian.  He grew up in Nepal where he spent his early years.  Prabal is a simple person with a knack for business and fashion design.  He is a young fashion designer on his way to conquer the fashion world.  His brand sells side by side other luxury fashion brands such as Chanel.  This just proves how his talents are honed through years of exposure and experience in the fashion industry.  He confesses that running a high end fashion house isn’t such an easy task, but he’s able to manage it well because he enjoys doing what he’s good at.


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