Asian-American Designers Spotlight: Peter Som Spring 2011 Collection NYFW

The runway was filled with popping “Popsicle Colors” as models sashayed down wearing Peter Som’s latest Spring Collection.  He was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim strutting down the Miami coast in a colorful ensemble with a sun bleached look.  His designs were reminiscent of the 60’s where he used different textures and varying cuts.  He also mixed in some florals and silk prints to his collection.  After the show Peter Som went straight ahead to Tommy Hilfiger to see through the fittings.
Peter Som’s collection was psychedelic and blasting with full colors.  He made a breathe of relief from the pale neutrals and black palettes other designers were sporting.  The show itself was pretty with all the details that scream “Spring is here” in just the right way.
Peter Som is a promising fashion designer whose parents are both architects.  He was excellent in history and art.  Designing had always been his passion.  He enrolled at Parsons School of Design to continue his passion for design.  He trained under the names of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.  Vogue noted him as one of the names to watch out for after debuting his Fall 1999 collection.
He is known to create such effortless and luxurious creations.  He delivers purity of form in all his ensembles.  He promises function to each piece of clothing and composition.  And this makes Peter one of the young designers who successfully created the classic American sportswear for the modern women.


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